2015-05-21 14:25:50

With wedding season soon approaching, we thought we’d put together some handy tips to ensure that your desired beauty look will be at its best and top tips for ensuring this look lasts all day!

Preparation – preparation is key when it comes to your big day! You have your beautiful dress and gorgeous shoes sorted and now it’s time to think wedding beauty! Spend a couple of weeks looking at different make-up looks and inspiration (Pinterest is great for this - you can even create your own board of favourite looks).Choose three of your favourite looks and practice applying to see which compliments your features and skin tone best. Why not even take a few images of yourself outside in natural lighting (with no flash) to see how they photograph. By giving yourself plenty of time to play around with your favourite look, you’re eliminating the risk of any mistakes on the big day.  You’ll also learn the best techniques for ensuring this look is going to last all day.

The perfect base – it’s essential that you up your skincare regime at least 3-4 weeks before your wedding day to ensure your skin is looking its absolute best! Ensure that you remove all make-up before going to bed, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise. This will not only ensure that your skin looks flawless and smooth leading up to the big day but it will mean that your make-up is going to last a lot longer. 

Make-up tools – invest in a set of high quality make-up brushes, this will give the best possible application for your make-up ensuring it stays put the whole day. For your AmazingConcealer® application we recommend using the AmazingConcealer® Brush (£9.99), as it’s the perfect complement to our AmazingConcealer® and ensures the perfect concealer application every time. Our Velvet Brush (£24.99) is also a must-have for your make-up bag and is the perfect tool for applying our Velvet Mineral® Powderset. Using this brush means flawless skin is just a brush stroke away!

Complexion perfection – we truly believe that the most important step to gorgeous make-up is all about the base and creating a flawless canvas. We have created The Power of Three collection of essentials including Anti-Ageing Face Primer, AmazingConcealer® and Velvet Powderset – everything you need for complexion perfection! Continue reading for how The Power of Three will create the most flawless look on your big day!

 The Power of Three

Primer is a must – this is a very important step as it’s going to be a long day, with lots of kisses on your cheek! Applying a good primer after you have moisturised and before you apply your foundation is going to ensure your make-up doesn’t move and stays on all day! It can also give your skin that flawless, photoshop finish. AmazingCosmetics® have two primers for you to choose from depending on your skin concerns. If you’re concerned over wrinkles around the brows, eyes and mouth, opt for Line Smoother & Primer with Neodermyl® (£26.99). The ‘needle-free’ collagen filler firms, hydrates and preps the skin for make-up whilst reducing wrinkle depth and fine lines. If you want an all over anti-ageing primer, we recommend our Anti-Ageing Face Primer (£25.99), the moisturising, oil-free primer that leaves your face perfectly prepped for make-up application.

 Line Smoother & Primer and Anti-Ageing Face PrimerAmazingConcealer® – our very own super hero of a beauty product should be an essential item in your make-up bag for your big day, as its high performing, water resistant technology will cover every skin imperfection it meets. So, you won’t need to worry if nerves and excitement mean you don’t get too much sleep the night before and wake up with lovely bags under your eyes, or if a dreaded spot appears (fingers crossed neither of these would happen), but just in case… AmazingConcealer® will be at the rescue. If BRIDES Beauty Columnist, Drew Barymore recommends it for your big day then we can’t be wrong!

Gorgeous eyes – of course you want gorgeous eyes that will withstand any happy wedding day tears.  The best way to ensure long lasting eye make-up is to apply a pin-dot of your AmazingConcealer® (one or two shades lighter than your skin tone) on your eyelids and under your eyes. The concealer will prime your eyelids ensuring your eye shadow stays put all day and having the concealer a slightly lighter shade will make the eye area appear wider and brighter. 

 Long lasting eyes with AmazingConcealer

Long lasting lips – people tend to miss out prepping their lips for make-up application, however because you’re going to be snapped throughout the day, you want to be certain that your lip colour stays put for as long as possible. A couple of weeks before your wedding day, make sure that you are regularly exfoliating and moisturising your lips with a good lip balm so that there is a soft, even base for application. On the big day apply a small amount of your AmazingConcealer® all over your lips before putting on your lipstick or gloss; this will hold the colour for a lot longer than usual. 


Flawless finish – when all your make-up is applied for the big day lightly dust over a mineral powder, this will set your make-up making it stay put all day, and will also take away any oils or grease so that you don’t look shiny in pictures. AmazingCosmetics® Velvet Powderset (£20.99) is the perfect finishing touch for a flawless complexion. For best results, we recommend applying with our Velvet Brush. Use with Anti-Ageing Face Primer and AmazingConcealer® to experience The Power of Three.


And there you have it – AmazingCosmetics® bridal tips for long lasting and beautifully natural make-up.

Don’t forget to get plenty of rest and lots of water running up to the big day, it will help to hydrate your skin giving you a gorgeous glow. But most importantly don’t forget to smile - it’s your day!