2014-12-10 15:23:57

With celebs such as Kim Kardashian sharing the secret of how to use concealer to create the illusion of perfectly sculpted cheek bones, this year has been all about contouring and highlighting. Available in 10 shades of perfect, AmazingConcealer® is the perfect product to recreate this look to really define and shape the face. 

The first step to contouring is choosing your Amazing shades

And with 10 to choose from there is a shade for all skin tones!

To contour, select a shade that is 1 or 2 shades darker than your actual skin tone. To highlight, select a shade that is 2 shades lighter than your skin tone.

Contouring cheeks

To create the look of sculpted cheekbones blend your lighter shade of AmazingConcealer onto the top of your cheek bones to highlight and then blend your darker shade under the cheek bone to create definition to the face.

Contouring the nose

For a slimmer looking nose blend your lighter shade of AmazingConcealer® straight down the bridge of the nose and then with your darker shade blend down both sides of your nose starting from the top of your brow bone.

Contouring the jaw and hairline

For a defined jaw and a slimmer face apply your darker shade of AmazingConcealer® around the hair and jaw line and blend out.

Have you tried contouring? We would love to know your make-up tips for creating the perfect look with AmazingConcealer® Tweet us your tips and pictures @amazingcos_uk  #iamamazing

AmazingConcealer used for contouring #iamamazing

We love this gorgeous look sent in by the lovely Charlette. She used the shades Medium Beige and Dark Caramel to create a contoured yet flawless look #iamamazing