2014-12-19 11:26:04

AmazingConcealer® - the name says it all.

Multi-purpose AmazingConcealer® erases all skin flaws. From dark circles, age spots, acne, broken capillaries and blemishes, to uneven skin tone, rosacea and sun damage - whatever your skin concern, the ‘magic eraser’ has it covered.

Discover the skin you’ve always wanted with just the tiniest amount of product for a natural yet flawless finish. #complexionperfection

You can also use this multi-functional little beauty to create some of the hottest make-up looks.



One of the hottest trends at the minute is contour and highlighting click here to read our blog on how to contour and highlight with AmazingConcealer®

Complexion Perfection

AmazingConcealer® is the beauty insiders’ secret weapon. To achieve complexion perfection, just follow our three simple steps…


  1. Dot. Using the AmazingConcealer® Brush, disperse pin dot amounts of concealer
  2. Blend. Using your finger tip, gently tap and blend the dots of concealer
  3. Repeat. If needed, repeat the DOT and BLEND steps until the desired coverage is built and the imperfection is camouflaged


Fuller lips

Dot and blend out a small amount of your AmazingConcealer® in the cupid’s bow of your lips to create a natural yet plumping effect.

Perfect eyes

Dot, blend and repeat a small amount of AmazingConcealer® under your eyes and on the brow bone to make your eyes appear brighter and wider. You can also use your AmazingConcealer® as the perfect primer to your eye shadow to ensure that it stays on for longer - simply swipe across your eyelid! #toptips


Dot Blend Repeat with AmazingConcealer