2014-09-18 10:03:21

To celebrate the launch of AmazingCosmetics® in the UK and Ireland, we hosted an exclusive event inviting press, bloggers and Make-up Artists to come and meet the World's Best Concealer - AmazingConcealer®.

The event was held in late July at the Soho Hotel in one of the individually designed and spacious apartments.

We were lucky enough to have the UK Make-up Artist for AmazingCosmetics®, Sally Riceman introducing the brand. She talked to the guests about the product, its features as well as application and colour matching methods and tips.

Sally encouraged guests to try the product and then get colour matched using the 3 stripe technique at the ‘colour matching station’. Find out more about choosing your perfect shade here.

Each lucky attendee got to take away their perfect shade of concealer along with the AmazingConcealer® Brush – perfect for ensuring you don’t over apply the product. The ultra-concentrated AmazingConcealer® only requires pin-dot amounts to erase flaws, compared to the amount needed with traditional concealers.

Our simple application tip, Dot Blend Repeat was reinforced around the room…

DOT: Using the AmazingConcealer® Brush, disperse pin-dot amounts of concealer evenly throughout the affected area.

BLEND: Using your finger, gently tap and smooth the dots of concealer to blend.

REPEAT: If needed, repeat the Dot and Blend steps until the desired coverage is built and the flaw disappears

The response has been phenomenal – everyone loved the product and the incredible coverage and we’re confident you will too.

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