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Meet Laura Louise, full-time professional Make-up Artist and November's Amazing Blogger of the Month.

Describing herself as a beauty obsessed, straight talking trainer lover, Laura Louise's blog concentrates primarily on her first love, beauty, with a few other random bits thrown in!

Having worked on various make-up counters over the years, Laura eventually decided to pursue her dream and moved to the big bustling city of London to become a freelance Make-up Artist.

Now a Professional Make-up Artist working in the beauty, fashion, celebrity and music industries, and with over 12 years experience Laura certainly knows an Amazing product when she finds it... understandably, we couldn't wait to hear her verdict on our very own AmazingConcealer®... we weren't disappointed!

"I can now have a flawless face in seconds."

Blog: lauraloubeauty.blogspot.co.uk

Twitter: @LauraLouMakeup

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You must be pretty confident in your product to name it 'Amazing'.

AmazingCosmetics® was founded in 1999 in Hollywood by a trio of ladies who wanted to create the perfect, most flawless canvas for ALL SKIN TONES. They found themselves continuously disappointed with the shade range, choice and coverage of concealers at this time so wanted something that worked perfectly on any and all imperfections. AmazingCosmetics® started off with just their infamous concealer range, that now hosts a huge 20 shades and they also do a number of other products including foundation, powder & primer.

I want to introduce to you the key product, The AmazingConcealer® as I have been using it and am really impressed. I have been through concealers high and low over the years, the perfect one to cover my acne back in the day, and a number I have tried and tested for my kit. I honestly wish they had launched this concealer sooner over here as I have a feeling there would be a good handful in my professional kit!

Laura Louise loves AmazingConcealer®

First up, it's a multi-purpose concealer that can be used ANYWHERE on the face : dark under eye circles, broken capillaries, blemishes, uneven skin tone, rosacea etc. I love concealers that do everything, as opposed to separate eye and face ones although these still have a huge place in my kit for specific things - they aren't going anywhere! The AmazingConcealer® has a deceptively emollient and lightweight texture, initially I kept finding myself using it like a normal liquid concealer, only to remember that this is super pigmented so I was wasting quite a bit - You need the teeniest, tiniest amount of this... literally start with a pin-dot and build it up. It's similar to my beloved Kevyn Aucoin Sensual skin enhancer coverage, but a lot lighter in texture. After having a play and working out it's depth of coverage, I can now have a flawless face in seconds.

The World's Best Concealer

As it isn't your typical concealer, follow these guidelines to get the best results (and not waste any of the product!):

1. Apply your foundation / tinted moisturiser / base as usual.

2. DOT small amounts of Amazing Concealer onto areas you need concealing - use fingertips or a concealer brush.

3. BLEND the product out with fingertips, this is best done by light tapping motions in the area as it will infuse the concealer into the skin and leave a natural but flawless finish. This will also ensure you don't cake it on and overload unnecessary concealer.

4. REPEAT if needed by applying another dot onto the area if you think you need a bit more coverage. Keep doing this process until your skin is flawlessly even and gorgeous!

You only need a tiny amount of AmazingConcealer®

Multi-purpose Concealer

Cover blemishes

Disguise dark circles

Dot, Blend, Repeat

The AmazingConcealer® is now available in Marks & Spencer beauty halls and M&S online". Currently they only have 10 shades which is a great shame as one of their brand ethos' is that they cater for all skin, but the full range is available from the the UK website - Bring more shades in M&S!!! The size I have is 6ml and costs £19.50 and the larger 15ml tube is £29.50. I would recommend trialing the smaller size and then once you love it, indulge in the bigger size as it's much more product for your pound.

I am going to be getting a bunch more as for my kit these are perfect.

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