2014-09-17 16:05:29

Rudy Miles is currently one of the fashion and beauty industries leading make-up artists. He has worked with some of the industry’s top fashion designers, supermodels and celebrities, creating looks for designers such as Dolce & Gabanna, Valentino and Oscar de la Renta. We were delighted to learn that Rudy Miles used the one and only AmazingConcealer® to create a natural and glowing look on the models used for Zang Toi’s Spring/Summer 2015 show during New York Fashion Week.

Zang Toi is an award winning, world renowned fashion designer so we are extremely happy to know that AmazingConcealer® was a part of creating the glamorous yet natural look for his Spring/Summer 2015 runway show. We were lucky enough to catch up with Rudy to find out why he loves AmazingConcealer® and his top tips on using it to create an effortless, natural look. 

"How did you use AmazingConcealer® to complete the look at Zang Toi?"

“At the Zang Toi Spring/Summer 2015 NYFW show, I used the AmazingConcealer® to ensure impeccable complexion was created for the natural look of the show.  Bright under eyes are essential for healthy looking skin because if the eyes look tired, the skin looks tired. “ 

"What are your top tips for using the AmazingConcealer® as a multifunctional product e.g for under the eyes, spots, hyperpigmentation etc."

“The current look of skin is balanced, healthy and flawless and proper coverage will give you that every time.  The concealer has the perfect amount of coverage so a little goes a long way and it’s easy to layer if more coverage is needed in challenging areas.”

"How do you apply the concealer? Do you apply in the same way you would for spots and dark circles?"

“I use a precise synthetic brush (I prefer taklon fibers) to apply and blend the concealer.  I apply the product where the most coverage is needed first, then blend invisibly to where the product is needed least.  For spot treating, I use a fine tip brush and apply in a circular motion to avoid the concealer looking like a spot on the skin; it needs to blend seamlessly onto the surrounding skin.  For additional longevity, a very light dusting of loose powder is used to set the concealer.“ 

"How would you colour match the product to your model?"

“I like to colour match on the skin where I see the most change/variance of colour.  For most women, it is not necessary to go 2 to 3 shades lighter for the skin.  Concealer is much less detectable if it matches the skin.  However, for extreme darkness also be careful of using concealer that is too light as the darkness mixed with the light concealer often creates a grey cast under the eyes.“ 

"How can we use AmazingConcealer® to achieve the barely there trend that’s been seen all over the NYFW/LFW catwalks?"

“Because the concealer has such great coverage, mixing it with a little moisturizer or jojoba oil will create a beautiful, sheer and luminous foundation.  If you use a sponge, always dampen the sponge to blend into the skin as a dry sponge will only absorb the product. “ 

"When would you apply your concealer? What is your step-by step for applying it?"

“Make-up is all about texture.  For that reason, skincare is essential and should never be sacrificed.  Cleanse, tone, eye cream, moisturiser and lip treatment should begin each application.  If you don’t wear foundation or want to apply your concealer first, you will find that the concealer blends effortlessly onto hydrated skin.  The emolliency of the moisturiser provides glide for the concealer.  If you wear foundation, you will find that applying your foundation first starts to build coverage and helps to minimize the amount of concealer needed. “

Minimal application for maximum results is the best benefit of the AmazingCosmetics® Concealer.”

Rudy Miles, beautybyrudy.

Take a look at a backstage video from Zang Toi’s Spring/Summer 2015 NYFW show where you can see the natural look on the runway created by Rudy Miles and hear why he created this look