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Beauty Bloggers

Beauty bloggers love AmazingConcealer® and we regularly receive rave reviews in newspapers glossy mags. Here are some of our favourite snippets...

"You have to be pretty confident to have a name like that. The name is fair, it really is an amazing concealer - managing to be both great coverage, whilst not being drying or feeling too thick and heavey. As amazing as the name suggests."

Beauty Junkie London

"It's AMAZING! If you suffer from dark circles you need this product in your life!"

"I have used the AmazingConcealer® for several months now and I love it, in fact it has become my 'go to' concealer! This concealer is brilliant on blemishes and covers them in an instant due to its higly pigmented formula!"

Kimberleys Beauty Blog

"I want to rave about AmazingCosmetics® AmazingConcealer® till the cows come home but there really isn't much more than I can say other than just go buy it! You'll thank me I promise!"

Anouska Loves

"This small tube packs a huge punch and is an absolutely brilliant full coverage concealer!"

Laura Louise Beauty Blog

" This product is magical so refrain yourself from over excitement or saying too many times: "it's AMAZING!"... it's truly the best I have ever used. It is the 'hat-trick' in a tube!"

Beauty and the Snob

"It is quite literally the best concealer I have ever tried, covering dark circles and blemishes in a matter of seconds and staying put too, meaning you can convince people you have had ample sleep all day long."

Mum of Boys

"AmazingCosmetics® AmazingConcealer® is...well, amazing!"

Face Value Beauty Blog

"I kid you not when I say it won't budge regardless of where you apply it - no creasing on the under eyes etc. and that is on the oiliest of skin types… if one concealer can survive a long hot summer (wishful thinking eh) it is this!"

The Sunday Girl

"If there is one product which would be an everyday essential for any beauty lover, then it would have to be concealer… over the years I have tried many brands… I have to say with all my heart, that I truly love this product."

Teacups and Buttondrops

"It lasted all day and did an amazing job of covering my dark circles and redness at the side of my nose… It didn't seep in to creases, stayed moist and all in all, it's going to outperform products like Touche Éclat on every level. Huge, huge recommend from me."

British Beauty Blogger

"Incredibly pigmented, AmazingCosmetics® AmazingConcealer® masks all manner of skin sins. From reactive red breakouts to rosaceas and scarring, this creamy concealer blends seamlessly - melting into skin to unify uneven tone and leave you looking naturally faultless. It's the next best thing to real-life 'Photoshopping.'"

Cult Beauty

"This does what it says on the tin (or the tube), because it's pretty darn amazing...when i'm seriously feeling tired this is one product I reach to every single time"

London Beauty Queen

"A creamy, highly pigmented, great all-rounder and one of the few that works equally well both around the eyes and on blemishes!"

Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog

"I really liked both the texture and coverage and found the concealer to be really good at disguising redness and blemishes... The AmazingConcealer® is one of the best concealers I have ever tried!"

Flutter and Sparkle

"I'd heard of AmazingConcealer® before, but hadn't quite appreciated the power of the tiny tube until I tried it. The pigmentation is intense, and you only need the tiniest bit to erase dark circles and blemishes. It's economical too - my tiny sample is still going strong!"

London Beauty Review

"AmazingConcealer® from AmazingCosmetics® is as the name subtly hints...amazing. Very hydrating whilst hiding dark circles nicely... a definite essential when it comes to looking fresher than I feel."

A Beauty Junkie In London

"It conceals perfectly, blends like a dream and is so pigmented that only the tiniest amount of product is required - so say goodbye to dark circles and the dreaded concealer crease!"

The Beauty Informer

"I absolutely love this concealer and no wonder why make-up artists love it too - it does everything it claims to do and it is now a firm staple in my routine - especially when a particular pesky spot appears and the day is long and sweaty."

Mademoiselle Lala

"I actually bought two, one for a friend and for me, that’s how good it is!”"

Fashion for Lunch

"It's not often I am floored by a beauty product but this is quite simply the best concealer I have ever tried… You have to get your hands on this!"

The Beauty Pages

"AmazingConcealer® does an amazing job. It's super thick, sticky and you just need to use a teeny-tiny, eeny bit before you're on your way."

Fit of Frenzy

"Really long wearing, it’s not going to slide off during the day!"

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How to apply your AmazingConcealer

How to apply your AmazingConcealer


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