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Pro Tips

Seasons have an effect on your skin tone, meaning you may need to look to different shade families depending on the time of year.
DOT BLEND REPEAT™ for a Flawless Complexion. Download our 'How to' guide.
Building coverage gradually ensures a seamless application that will never crease or settle. Download our 'How to' guide.
Find your perfect AmazingConcealer® match like a pro. Learn how
LIPSTICK STAYING POWER. Choose a shade that matches your skintone and apply a thin layer over the entire lip before applying lipstick. This helps the lip colour stay true and provides a moisture barrier making it last much longer!
PARTY EYES THAT LAST ALL NIGHT. Before applying eyeshadow prime eyelids with the AmazingConcealer®. Dot a pin size amount on the eyelid and blend for ultimate eyeshadow staying power.
Praesent varius, neque Add three pin size dots of the AmazingConcealer® to the inner corner of each eye. One dot below, one above and one in the middle. Tap to blend and feather outwards for a flawless finish.
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