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Find your Perfect Match

A great concealer is a must for flawless looking skin, but it's tricky to get it right if the appropriate tools aren't provided. We've got you covered with this simple guide to finding your perfect AmazingConcealer® match like a pro!

This how-to guide is designed to help you choose your closest shade match online when you cannot use a tester to conduct the AmazingCosmetics® ‘3 Stripe Technique’.

There are 20 shades to choose from. To help you identify your perfect colour match, select a shade family that best represents your skin tone and then use the suggested celebrity skin tone to identify your closest match.

Medium Model


Very fair skin tones, burns easily

Tan Model


Light to medium skin tones, sometimes burns

Tan Model


Medium to olive skin tones, rarely burns

Deep Model


Dark skin tones, very rarely burns


To help you identify your perfect shade, we've matched some celebrity faces to each AmazingConcealer® shade, so if you're fair skinned like Anne Hathaway, opt for Fair. Remember, seasons have an effect on your skin tone, meaning you may need to look to different shades depending on the time of year.

Amanda Seyfried
Think Amanda Seyfried
Lucy Liu
Golden Ivory 
Think Lucy Liu
Ann Hathaway
Think Anne Hathaway
Nicole Kidman
Fair Golden
Think Nicole Kidman
Cara Delevigne
Light Honey 
Think Cara Delevigne
Drew Barrymore
Light Golden 
Think Drew Barrymore
Miley Cyrus
Light Beige
Think Miley Cyrus
Elle Macpherson
Medium Golden
Think Elle Macpherson
Cindy Crawford
Medium Beige 
Think Cindy Crawford
Demi Moore
Dark Beige 
Think Demi Moore
Mila Kunis
Think Mila Kunis
Eva Mendes
Tan Golden
Think Eva Mendes
Nicole Sherzinger
Medium Tan
Think Nicole Sherzinger
Jessica Alba
Think Jessica Alba
Eva Longoria
Light Caramel 
Think Eva Longoria
Jennifer Lopez
Think Jennifer Lopez
Dark Caramel 
Think Rihanna
Deep Golden 
Think Beyonce
Jada Pinkett-Smith
Think Jada Pinkett-Smith
Jennifer Hudson
Warm Deep 
Think Jennifer Hudson
How to apply your AmazingConcealer

How to apply your AmazingConcealer


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